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All those videos are made with our software in the low resolution to see what can be fixed by us in future with the help of Youtube users.

If you want to make videos for us please contact us and we'll respond you in no more than 24H .

Those videos are taken in low resolution to see the best performance of the software.

The videos are updated when a new one is finished.

In the night one guy full armed dies by 2 kandy kanes

999 zombies killing for fun

Searching the town

Santa killing people

999 zombies FUNN

One of my friend died by a zombie

You are so funny ammo huh ^^

Zombie killed me

One guy down

Two guys near me

Damn that lanterna

Cleaning the town

Our sniper guy from the hill part 1

Our sniper guy from the hill part 2

Chicken run

Clan [DR] dominating the city

O nebunie de etaj

From nothing to full in 23 min

If you kill my friend you die

Crazy day before the game wipe/patch

Have some funn killing zombies

Crashed helicopter zone

Play for fun part one

Play for fun part two

[DR]Dominator Jr.

KILL out

With the team [dR]

2 guys pwned by [DR]Dominator

With my brother

My brother knife...

Yes man yes yes

Died in the airport

Using night vision

Clan [DR] ...i died...

Seven years old kid [DR]Dominator Junior trolling a guy...

Killing my friend

Clan [DR] red bereta

WE ARE 5 you are alone

Clan [DR] taking control to the village

We still survive

A new day

Brave soldiers

How you can get disconnected

Daca aveti nevoie de mancare sa imi dati si mie


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